maanantai, helmikuu 26, 2024

Mr. Markku Saiha is a freelance photographer from Pori, a small town on Finnish west coast. He has been professional photographer since early 80s. He is particularly interested in marine and fishing issues and sea landscapes. Saiha was also part time fisherman over a decade, his main caches was whitefish and salmon.

Saiha has visited regularly several coastal villages and fishermen’s families during last three decades, and closely followed the traditional coastal fisheries to disappear. His photographs from this era have become documents of the costal life style that was an important and visible part of everyday living all along the Finnish coastline for centuries.

Mr. Saiha has also studied fine art printing and photography technique over the years. He teaches time to time, and has held several workshops. He has also published guidebooks for photography with one of the largest publishers in Finland and a photography book about fisheries and fishermen. Mr. Markku has also held several photo exhibitions during the years. The traditional Coastal fishing is his life-long documentation project in which the exhibition also is connected.

During his visits in Hainan Mr. Saiha aims to catch the same craftsmanship and costal life style for small town people in his pictures.